james_rokosnyJames Rokosny, President

James Rokosny has over 30 years of marketing, sales and sales operations experience. During his tenure at MCI and Verizon, he helped create, design and implement two sales organizations that became extremely successful. He has created new processes, developed sales programs that increased revenue, and developed new sales training programs. In addition, he is a lifelong environmentalist and has spent the past 12 years as the Chairman of the Bridgewater NJ Environmental Commission. Two years ago he became the Chairman of the Sustainability Task Force as well. Jim became a Certified Rutgers Environmental Steward in 2015.During his tenure on the Environmental Commission, he was the architect of what has become the most popular annual event in Bridgewater, and possibly the largest Environmental fair event in the state: The Eco-Blast Fair.

The event won Honorable Mention in the 2013 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Awards (Association of NJ Environmental Commissions).

A promotional video of the event can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh9RGeL3cWk

In 2011 Rokosny was featured in an article in the Bridgewater Patch, by Audrey Levine.


In 2015 Summit SMT launched “Raritan River Week”. The initial goal of the project was to introduce the townships in the Raritan Headwaters Association region, to the Blue Star Certification Program launched by Clean Ocean Action. The goal is to show the connection of the “Headwaters to the Ocean”…which has become the slogan for Raritan River Week. Rokosny launched the Raritan River Week website (www.raritanriverweek.com) to promote the organizations that are involved in the preservation and maintenance of the Raritan River. The site shares events during and around Raritan River Week (anually in April), and gives readers a chance to donate to the groups and offers a plethora of additional resources. Information and updates are also provided at Facebook.com/raritanriverweek and on Twitter: @raritanriverwk.

Jim serves on the Board of Directors, and is the Treasurer of Friends and Citizens of Wesley Lake, a non-profit civic group working to restore the Wesley Lake between Ocean Grove and Asbury Park.

When Clean Ocean Action launched its Blue Star Program in September 2014, Rokosny was one of the Green Team panelists, and presented activities that Bridgewater has done over the years. His presentation from that day can be found here: http://www.cleanoceanaction.org/fileadmin/editor_group2/Events/BridgewaterGreenTeam_Rokosyn.pdf

A copy of the Clean Ocean Action 2014 newsletter, which gives an overview of the day and shows Rokosny sign the intent form can be found here: http://cleanoceanaction.org/fileadmin/editor_group2/General/coa_october_newsletter_Final.pdf

The Bridgewater Environmental Commission was award an Environmental Acheivement Award from ANJEC at its annual Congress. Information can be found in the annual report: http://anjec.org/pdfs/Winter2016ANJECReport.pdf

john_rokosnyJohn Rokosny, VP of Video Production

John Rokosny is an award winning Producer / Director with 25 years of extensive and varied media experience.  John has won the 2009 Communications award, the 2006 & 2007 Telly Award, the 2007 Insight Award, the 2003 Prism Award, and the 2003 Teacher’s Choice Awards.  John’s films have been screened at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden for a concert for Hurricane Katrina victims, at the Star Wars III NYC premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre, and many other fundraising gala events.  John has produced TV series, feature documentaries, fundraising films and national TV campaigns for many charities.